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There is Violence in DR Congo Following an Attack at an Ebola Centre

There are reports of violence from the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) after a group of three men attacked an Ebola treatment center. The incident happened just a couple of hours after similar news of violence came from the Kivu Province that forms DRC’s neighbor on the north. The chief of DRC’s Ebola Vaccination Program issued a formal report that contained complete details about the incident. He said that the attackers were a part of the rebel group known as Mai Mai. The event specifically took place in the Biakuti Centre of the Ituri Province. The first-hand, formal report was made by Al-Jazeera, who spoke face-to-face with the chief.

According to Mustapha Hans Bateyi, the state will take strict actions against the local militant group, Mai Mai. Till now, two people have lost their lives, several others are injured, and some are missing too. Further, a report from the security forces says that another Ebola center worker also lost his life while the mob was actively attacking and burning down vehicles and buildings. The official security department assumes that since Biakato shares its borders with the Kivu Province, it has been experiencing repeated attacks by the local fight groups.

The people in Kivu and Biakato were also locked down and captivated at gun-point for a long time. Apart from this, more than 3000 cases of Ebola attacks have been reported from the same region. Moreover, several reports of death have done the rounds too. It all started with the massive outbreak that took place in 2018. However, the lack of security in the entire DRC region is making it difficult for the WHO workers to fly down there and treat the people. Till now, the media has got reports of more than 80 deaths due to terror attacks. Local people have started protesting on the streets following the massive strikes and the state of security in DRC.

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