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There Will be a Government Shutdown by Samoa to Deal with a Dangerous Measles Outbreak

The Samoa government has declared that it will close down all state offices on the last two working days to manage the measles outbreak. Instead, the government workers will be deployed to work as civil servants to deal with the patients. The Prime Minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa LupesoliaiSaileleMalielegaoi, addressed the public declaring the decision in a conference on Monday. In the same meeting, the Government has also come out with the results of surveys and figures stating numbers of deaths in recent days. According to them, more than 50 people have died in the past days. What is worse is that more than 95% of them are children. The disease is mainly affecting little children below the age of 4 years.

The condition of island regions of South Pacific Nation is terrible with such a measles outbreak and so many ailing people. The Samoa Government is taking active initiatives and has also confessed to the fact that there are almost 4,000 people affected to date. None of the patients have been vaccinated yet. Prime Minister Tuilaepa has confirmed the news during Monday’s conference. The Samoa Government’s decision to close down every Thursday and Friday is one more significant step in the initiative to fight against measles.

Globally, scientists and governments had assumed that the disease would be wiped away completely. However, the outbreak happened once again in recent years only. The comeback of the illness was unexpected, and so no precautions were taken in advance. All the schools in Samoa are closed down since November 17 following the dangerous outbreak. The Prime Minister has requested everyone to keep children away from public gatherings. It will ensure that they stay away from big crowds to prevent the epidemic from spreading more. The Samoan Government already declared a state of emergency on November 15. The Government has said that they have started mass vaccination process and promise to eradicate the disease soon.

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